St Leonard’s School

Printer and Scanner

St Leonards School, one of the UK’s leading independent schools located in St Andrews, faced issues with service and support levels from a previous print manufacturer, leading to less efficient and reliable machines.

The collaboration with Carbon kicked off in March 2023 when the company delivered a comprehensive report, highlighting the benefits of its proposed, bespoke solution, including in-depth analysis to deliver an impactful statement of energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions data.

The first step in the project delivery was to demonstrate the efficiency of the service in practice. To address initial uncertainty with the new system, a trial printer was installed to demonstrate a more sustainable print environment and to showcase Carbon’s suite of workflow solutions. And the results were clear, leading to the complete switch over to the new and innovative print solution.

Carbon installed 24 new devices, including C579s printers in classrooms and larger Epson AMC series printers in the reprographics department. The team introduced the Paper Cut print management solution, allowing staff to monitor printing activities, secure the process, and ensure energy savings.

Further, Carbon installed a digital visitor management solution – a comprehensive system designed for educational institutions to streamline visitor sign-in processes, ensure GDPR compliance, and provide essential features such as tracking late arrivals, safeguarding, and fire safety.

Following implementation, a review conducted in January 2024 revealed 100% customer satisfaction. The sustainability report was adjusted based on actual print volumes since July 2023, demonstrating the tangible benefits and cost savings.

The Paper Cut solution also aligns with the school’s ESG goals, offering gamification features for environmental awareness.

This campaign cemented Carbon’s link with the education sector, showcasing the success of its print management solution and future-proof digital options for a safe and secure modern-day school environment.