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Assisted Reality

Hands-free solutions for frontline jobs

Assisted reality is a relatively new concept but is beginning to revolutionise the way service industries work. It allows users to view information via a screen that is directly in their field of vision, working hands-free. Think heads up displays in vehicles, smart glasses, and head-mounted tablets.

Unlike augmented reality, which can change what the user sees, assisted reality adds an extra layer of information to the user’s existing field of vision. It delivers information such as text, images, videos, and diagrams to enhance the situational awareness of the user.

Assisted Reality Solutions

Connected Worker

What is a Connected Worker?

Connected Worker platforms use digital technology to connect workers with the information, assistance and support they need to give you control over your quality processes.

Workers are connected to on demand visual, highly contextual training, standardized work instructions, and remote support that can be accessed using the devices they naturally use in the flow of work like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Smart Glasses.

Remote Expert

Hands-free two-way video calling, allowing first-line and remote workers to benefit from senior or specialist advice.

  • Increases first time fix rate, reducing revisits and downtime while improving time to resolution.
  • Reduces travel requirements as senior/expert resources can now assist remotely from any location.
  • Accelerates training by allowing one expert resource to support multiple others, and enables new recruits to work more independently, faster, by learning in the field.

Digital Workflow & Guided Assistance

Provide your teams with contextual access to the knowledge, documentation, training and guidance they need to perform their best work – hands free.

Allows workers to stay focused, improving their safety and productivity.

  • Workers follow instructions to avoid missed steps, reducing errors and improving quality
  • Easily access photos, videos and other documents for reference during workflow steps to ensure best practice is understood and followed every time
  • Use voice-controlled data-entry plus the built-in camera to capture records, easily logging steps as they’re completed.

Document Navigator

Allow first-line and remote workers to easily access and use any documentation they need, while keeping their hands free and field of vision clear.

Access anything from technical manuals and instruction videos to detailed drawings and photographs

  • Access documents and information needed, regardless of location and situation.
  • Access this hands-free and without removing PPE.
  • Complete tasks faster and with fewer mistakes.
  • Use QR codes fixed to machines read with the built-in camera to easily load the related files to the headset

Internet of Things (IoT) - Data Visualisation

Delivers actionable information to workers about the machines they’re using, inspecting or servicing for smarter decision making and predictive maintenance.

Increase productivity, safety and reliability by quickly and easily access information, allowing operators to

  • Find the data needed to complete the job at hand.
  • Access this hands-free and without removing PPE.
  • View location-based, contextually relevant data in the field, in real-time

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