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Document and Process Automation

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency is paramount. Manual data entry and other labour-intensive processes can pose significant barriers to achieving optimal productivity. Carbon takes the lead, providing innovative Document Automation Solutions to assist companies in significantly reducing costs and streamlining their operations.

Manual data entry incurs hidden costs that can impact your bottom line. The dispersion of data entry tasks across departments and employees leads to lost productivity and increased labour expenses. Recognising this challenge, we introduce advanced Process and Document Automation solutions designed to seamlessly identify and capture data.

Document and Process Automation Solutions

Automated Accounts Payable

One of our flagship solutions, Automated Accounts Payable, revolutionises the way invoices are processed. Managing numerous paper and electronic invoices can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Our solution automates the entire process, from data capture to integration into your company’s systems, reducing manual errors and slashing data entry costs by up to 80%.

Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution elevates document management to the next level. This scalable and modular platform automatically classifies incoming documents, extracts crucial data, and efficiently routes it through relevant business process applications. Your documents and the extracted data are instantly available in your company’s system, ensuring fast and easy access for streamlined operations.

eForms & eSignatures

Bid farewell to paper-based inefficiencies with Carbon’s eForms and eSignatures. From HR onboarding to feedback surveys, our digital forms ensure legibility, accuracy, and immediate accessibility for processing. What sets us apart is our ability to create dynamic digital forms that adapt based on previous responses, perform calculations, and more. The information collected via these forms is not only convenient but also seamlessly processed with automated workflows.

Choose Carbon for a transformative approach to document automation, digital workspaces, and automated invoicing. Our solutions are crafted to empower your business with efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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