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Document and Process Automation

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Carbon are helping companies to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes.

Manual data entry creates an often-hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees resulting in lost productivity and increased labour costs.

Our Document and Process Automation solutions are capable of identifying and capturing data from nearly any business document allowing us to add value to your organization, eliminating hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy.

Document and Process Automation Solutions

Automated Accounts Payable

All organisations, small, medium or large receive numerous paper and electronic invoices. Processing them is time consuming and resource intensive. Our automated Accounts Payable Solution helps you optimise your business processes and focus on your core business.

It automates the invoice data capture, limits manual error and reduces the costs for data entry by up to 80%. All of your accounting data is incorporated into the heart of your company’s systems. Right where you need it to be.

Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom solution is a fully scalable and modular platform that automatically classifies all types of incoming documents, extracts key data and routes it to the right recipient, using the relevant business process application.

Your documents and the data captured are made available in your company’s system, for fast and easy access.

eForms & eSignatures

Data in multiple locations not only wastes time and resources, but also increases room for error and inconsistency. HR onboarding, Health & Safety induction, holiday requests, expense claims, contact forms and feedback surveys are all common uses for Digital-forms. By using an electronic form, companies can ensure the information is legible, correct, and immediatly accessible for processing.

Carbon can assist by helping to create digital forms as an alternative to paper-based documents. They can dynamically change based on previous responses, preform simple calculations and more.

By collecting information via forms businesses can have clear, concise, and accurate access to information. Moreover, all information collected via forms can be conveniently saved and processed with workflows.

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